New Arrivals: Romance Was Born


This season Romance Was Born conjure up styles that draw upon the power and beauty of nature and the magic of the natural world. 

Seven Wonders is a collection inspired by the folklore of forest creatures, the herblore of wildflowers and the strong feminine energy of witches.  Collaborating once more with artist Del Kathryn Barton, the design duo hand selected totems and spirit animals from her collection of stunning artworks to use throughout the collection. 

The collection also highlights their distinctive use of texture and hand detailing, ensuring that the garments are given a full treatment of appliqué, beading and embroidery. 


Seven Wonders is an invitation to come into your own magical powers and  vanquish negativity from your life. 
Seven Wonders is designed to protect you from ill luck and instead manifest nothing but love, light and destiny.

Shop Seven Wonders in store now. 

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