New Arrivals - Dries Van Noten


With his latest collection, Dries Van Noten’s spring 2018 offering is an ode to optimism, decoration and frivolity - a form of escapism.  With a joyful and festive colour palette, the Belgian designer says, “it’s designed for the happy woman who knows how to have fun with her clothes.”  

The starting point of the collection was a collage piece by Picasso, ‘Les Deux Demoiselles faisant leur Toilettes’, in which the artist chose to eschew paint in favour of various found materials, mostly wallpapers of varying motifs.  In much the same way, Dries looked to different origins and references throughout the collection, with rich, jacquard textures evoking the 60s, and 1920s deco inspired prints. 

Dries Van Noten is exclusive to 
Camargue in Queensland.


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