• Victoria Victoria Beckham Brisbane 1
    It’s time to get excited, camarguettes! After holding onto the delicious secret for far too long, we can finally reveal that Victoria, Victoria Beckham has just this moment hit the camargue shop floor. Ahh, freakout!
    We’re beside ourselves to be the exclusive boutique stockist of Victoria, Victoria Beckham in Brisbane, and know you’ll fall in love with VVB the second you lay eyes on her. We’re totally smitten.
    Not familiar with Victoria, Victoria Beckham? Well, it’s time to brush up on your knowledge with a few fast fash facts, because this is one label your spring wardrobe can’t be without.

    new arrivals camargue brisbane

    You know what we love more than chocolate, ice cream, and new copies of Vogue? NEW ARRIVALS, that's what! Ohhh the unpacking, the merchandising, and the shopping...oh the sweet, sweet shopping to be done!

    The latest new arrivals that we're hot damn excited about?! Well you'll just have to read on won't you...


    Get excited camarguettes, brand new bassike SS14 is now instore at camargue!

    And for the first time, camargue chaps can get in on the action...that's right, we've received our first delivery of bassike menswear!

    5 rules of sale shopping

    Sale time. A glorious time of year when you can get your mitts on all your favourite brands for crazy town prices. Say whaaaaat?! That Lutz dress is how much?! Those Golden Goose sneakers too?! And that Ann Demeulemeeseter top?!!

    But let's not lie - it can be a battle out there. Everyone wants what you want (go figure) so it's best to arm yourself with a little insider info.

    Forget chipping a tooth and breaking a nail - read on for how to survive the camargue SUUUPER SALE!

  • winter fashion trends 2014

    "Black is not sad. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not." - Ann Demeulemeester.

    Ohh Ann, we couldn't agree with you more. Black, the 'colour' of choice for many of the fashion world's most influential designers, is our go-to for preeeetty much everything. Day, night, formal, casual - you name it, black's got our back.

    And really, after a summer's worth of bold colour and bright prints (which, don't get us wrong, we still LOVE), is there anything as sleek, sophisticated and self-assured as an all-black outfit? 

    So camarguettes, make like Ann & co and get back in black this winter - it's the 'colour' of the season. Here are our top picks, all in store now at camargue!


    Newsflash camarguettes: it’s actually getting a little chilly outside (say whaaaat?!)

    That’s right, it’s time to temporarily break up with your tees, tanks and skirts – “It’s not you, it’s me…I’m, ummm, a little cold” – and invest in a few winter essentials.

  • wardrobes must haves winter

    We’re all for a capsule wardrobe here at camargue; one that’s made up of key pieces you find yourself wearing so often you might as well sleep in them. 
    So what’s better than classic, quality fashion pieces that are on SALE? (Is that a trick question?!?)
    Transeasonal Dressing

    It’s around this time every year when the weather doesn’t know if it’s Arthur or Martha. You can leave the house in a lightweight tee, but come afternoon you’ll be searching for something slightly heavier to conquer the evening chill.  
    The most important rule when it comes to transeasonal dressing is layering, and with a few wardrobe staples you’ll glide through this weirdo weather with ease.